La Union Helping Hands Projects

When we can, let’s all lend a helping hand!

Christmas 2020

Frank, trying to decide what recipe to use for the oatmeal cookies

La Union resident enjoying the Christmas good cheer!

Local residents enjoying good company and food for the festivities.

La Union Helping Hands volunteers talking with resident about the holiday festivities and plans.

Arnold, volunteer, enjoys volunteering for La Union Helping Hands. Nice work!

Maria Luisa loves to work with people and assist the La Union residents during the holidays,

Turkeys donated by Casa de Peregrinos to La Union Helping Hands. Much thanks.

Gracious volunteers donated homemade cookies for residents to enjoy.

Arianna Abalos volunteering for the holidays.

La Union resident visiting during Christmas holiday,

Two volunteers, during Christmas holidays, enjoying each other's company.

La Union Helping Hands bags ready for distribution