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Michael R. Facio

Local La Union resident receives a one-year Scholarship for a culinary internship

from the Aaron Sanchez Scholarship Foundation (AASF)

Culinary School ~ New York

ASSF Scholarship ~ Aaron Sanchez Scholarship Foundation

Institute of Culinary Education, ICE Internship

Congratulations to Michael R. Facio Michael who has received an ASSF Scholarship (Aaron Sanchez Scholarship Foundation)

This is a scholarship for a one-year internship at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in Manhattan, New York. He will begin his internship in January 2022. All expenses are paid while he is attending the culinary institute.

Michael is a 2015 Santa Teresa graduate. In addition, he served his community by volunteering for La Union Helping Hands. Michael served by distributing and packaging food for lifelong residents. He was increasingly willing to lend a helping hand when called upon him to do so. Please join us in wishing Michael well in this exciting journey that he is about to go on. Best of luck Michael. La Union and your parents are extremely proud of you. Don’t forget us when you become successful!

Aaron Sanchez is a prominent entrepreneur and renowned chef who happens to be from El Paso, Texas. He developed the Aaron Sanchez Scholarship Foundation to help Latinos fulfill their dreams as successful chefs and to attend culinary school. This successful entrepreneur is a TV personality, author, and philanthropist. Thank you Aaron for supporting one of our residents to become successful. More information on Aaron Sanchez can be found at More information on the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) can be found at