La Union Helping Hands Projects

When we can, let’s all lend a helping hand!

La Union Cemetery

Senior "Yolie" as we all know her. Her quote, "Somebody has to clean, why not me?"

Facundo Ruiz, always willing to "lend a helping hand" for La Union. A town he was born and raised in. "Why not beautify our town?"

Seniors enjoying the beautiful day while "lending a helping hand" !

Beautiful southwest landscaping in our cemetery and Facundo Ruiz, a generous senior, donating his time to clean.

Couples join in cleaning the cemetery. Maria and Juan Lara dedicated to the cemetery.

Maria Lara, La Union resident on her way to clean and tidy the cemetery

Yolie is really into maintaining the cemetery. Way to go.

Markers installed by Maria Lara to better organize the plots. Thank you Maria for all your hard work!