Senior of the Month 

When we can, let’s all lend a helping hand!

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”   Mark Twain 

Senior of the Month   

December 2023  ---  Connie Trujillo

Congratulations  Senior of the Month

Connie Trujillo.  I am very honored to have been chosen Citizen of the Month for La Union Helping Hands.  Helping is the keyword for opening doors for others.  I came to teach in the community of La Unión fresh out of college.  I graduated from Peñasco High School in 1958 with the honor of being Valedictorian.  I went straight into Highlands University in Las Vegas, New Mexico and received my degree in teaching. I also earned my Master’s Degree from New Mexico State University.  I learned the importance of what a good education could make in the future and I could impart that knowledge with my students. I begin my teaching career at La Unión Elementary School.  I taught several grades from first grade through fifth grade. I also taught English as a Second Language and Remedial Reading which brought me recognition and great success with my students.  Several of my students have come back to thank me for helping them speak English extremely well because it has assured them of a very successful future in their careers in society. 

I have lived in a very welcoming community of La Unión for a total of fifty-three years. I belong to Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church and for a period of time was involved in ministry work.  I feel that I have accomplished my goal because I have seen the results of the successes of my students: engineers, law enforcement officers, principals, teachers, and successful businesspersons and also the progress in my community.

Congratulations Connie, you deserve this honor!