Senior of the Month

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"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Mark Twain

Seniors of the Month

December 2022 --- Emeteria Villalobos and Consuelo Apodaca

Congratulations Seniors of the Month

Emeteria Villalobos

Emeteria Villalobos is a wonderful 94-year-old lady who has been a resident of La Union since 1960, when she moved here from Pecos, Texas. She and her late husband Juan raised seven children. Emeteria loves to breed birds, gardening, cooking and reading the bible. She loves her family and feels blessed to have 16 grandchildren, 31 great grandchildren and 5 great-great grandchildren thus far. She is a woman of faith, an excellent and loving person who loves her community.


Mrs. Villalobos; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Consuelo H. Apodaca

Consuelo Hernandez Apodaca is 92 years old and was born in

El Paso TX on May 13, 1930. Consuelo was born to Candelario and Guillerma Hernandez and was raised on the Bryds’ farm that was located about 2 miles South of the town of La Union. The Hernandez family lived and worked on the farm. Her father for years cultivated the fields with a plow pulled by a team of horses.

In early 1950, Consuelo met and later in 1951 married Lucio B. Apodaca, who arrived from Satevo, Chihuahua. Mexico. Lucio worked on the Bryd Farm as a part of the Brazero program.

Lucio and Consuelo later packed up and moved to Animas NM to pick cotton in the fields located around Animas. In early 1952, Consuelo gave birth to their first son Hector Apodaca in Lordsburg NM.

Lucio worked on an Animas farm for a time and learned to operate a tractor. Then the family moved back to the La Union area. Lucio was hired by E.N. Crossett and the Apodacas moved into a house located on the Crossett farm that is located about one mile South of the town of La Union. While they lived in this house later in 1953, their second child, Sylvia Apodaca Gonzalez, was born at the doctor's clinic in Anthony TX.

Later in 1958, Lucio and Consuelo purchase a three-room house located in the town of La Union from Consuelo’s older brother Pedro Hernandez. They lived in this house and still own the property. While living in La Union, Lucio Jr. was born in 1958 and Jose was born in 1963 in the San Jose Clinic in El Paso TX.

Lucio Sr. continued to work for E.N. Crossett for 14 years with some brief stints at other jobs in the valley. In 1966, Lucio, Consuelo, and family packed their bags and moved to Olton, Texas to work on a farm. In 1968 they moved back to their house in La Union, and Lucio Sr. began to work for Dr. E.S. Crossett in the same farm that he inherited from his father.

In the early 1980’s Consuelo and Lucio started planting and working four acres of land located South of La Union that Dr. Crossett had rewarded them with. They raised watermelons, cantalopes, green chili, and other vegetables. They began selling this produce in the front yard of their house in La Union. Later they sold their produce in the farmers market in El Paso, then in Las Cruces, and finally at the farmers market in Ardovino’s located in Sunland Park. They later moved in with their son Lucio Jr.

Lucio Sr. passed away at the age of 93 on December 30, 2020. Consuelo continues to live with Lucio, Jr. South of La Union. To this day she is still active with her sons in growing watermelons and vegetables for family and friends.

Congratulations Mrs. Apodaca. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!