Senior of the Month

When we can, let’s all lend a helping hand!

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Mark Twain

Seniors of the Month

January 2023 --- Aurora Cisneros and Jose (Pepe) Villalobos

Congratulations Seniors of the Month

Aurora Cisneros

Aurora Cisneros, Mrs. (C) has very fond memories of her service in La Union. About 50 years ago her and Ana María Hernandez were the cooks for the seniors in La Union.

They would gather in the old church hall. They prepared meals, celebrated birthdays, played bingo and had field trips to the levy which back then it carried water! She smiles when she recalls stories.

For about 26 years from about 1990 to 2016 she helped make gorditas for the church fiesta. Her favorite thing has been the families she was involved with.


Mrs. "C". Thank you for all that wonderful food you made for the Seniors in La Union.

Young Pepe in Army Fatigues

Jose (Pepe) Villalobos

Jose (Pepe) Villalobos was born in La Union in a house off of Mercantile Street on August 4, 1937 to Luis and Guadalupe Villalobos. Jose's father got a job with the railroad which caused the family to live between La Union and Kinsen, an area in the middle of the desert 40 mile west of here. At age 7, Jose got to know the desert land as his playground by going snake and lizard hunting, climbing into the volcanic caves and crevices. He knew he had to be home before sundown. The sun was his clock and the franklin mountains were his compass, as one could easily get lost out there. He lived out there for weeks at a time with his family for many years. He and his sibling took an old school bus on very rough roads with a few other kids to Mesilla Elementary, which took 2 hours one way. The bus picked them up at 5:45am to be at school by 8:00am. He went to Gadsden High School, played football and ran track and graduated in 1957.

Shortly after graduation he joined the army. Traveled and trained around the country before he was stationed in Alaska where he studied communications and became a cross country snow skier as a sharpshooter.

He Married the love of his life (Teresa H. Villalobos} in April of 1962. Married to his best friend for 60 years, They shared many great memories together. Building their own home from adobes they made, where they stared their life together. They traveled the United States and also went into Canada and down into Mexico. They Traveled Alaska for a month. A promise to his wife.

He was a volunteer Fire Fighter and First responder for the LU fire department, volunteered for the townsite for many years, helped the local Catholic church with fiestas and other church activities. He helped create the baseball park with the townsite which became a great thing for the town. He has been a volunteer for the water board since 1995 and just recently turned his position as president to a new member.

He worked for the Port of Entry in Anthony for a few years before he ended up at the El Paso Electric Company Power plant as journeyman and operations. He retired from the El Paso Electric company and continues to volunteer for his community. On his free time, he loves to read, tell stories, work on his yard, travel and visit with endless number of friends.

He has always been proud of this little town and hopes the younger generation will take time to make their own print on this one-of-a-kind treasure where things can be redone, recreated and revamped with good energy and Love.

Jose wants the people in la Union to be proud, to see the big picture and to make Our Small Town a place families can make great memoires, feel safe and enjoy life.

After all that is what life is about... Some how We Are All Blessed.

Congratulations Pepe, we are the ones who are blessed that you are part of La Union.