Summer Rainstorms Cause Damage/Flooding

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Summer Rainstorms Cause Flooding/Damage in La Union

A devastating rainstorm hit La Union last night and the surrounding areas. There was an abundance of heavy and strong rain that came down and hit La Union causing severe damage and flooding. Below are a few photos of what was left after the storm. I thought it was a tornado hitting the town. It was rather frightening.

After Effects of the Severe Rainstorm in La Union on 7.11.21

Flooding rains on Alvarez Street on 7.11.21

Arroyo at Visnaga and San Antonio Street

Heavy Rains Flood Alvarez Street . 7.11.21

Flood and dirt erosion on Mendez St. in La Union - 7.11.21

Water pond is full after last night's rain. Pond is on land purchased by Dona Ana County. 7.11.21

Heavy flood and mud on Visnaga Street in La Union on 7.11.21