Senior of the Month

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"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Mark Twain

Seniors of the Month

November 2022 --- Antonia Cabral and Dolores Montelongo

Congratulations to two beautiful ladies!

Antonia Cabral

Dolores Montelongo

Mrs. Antonia Cabral came to live in La Union with her husband Gabriel in 1954. She is blessed with three daughters and one son and various grandchildren who all live in La Union. Mrs. Cabral typically spends her days with Lola, her beautiful husky dog. Mrs. Cabral enjoyed a beautiful life, that is, she was the wife of a farmer. Her devoted husband farmed from 1962 to 2002. They farmed and harvested five various types of chiles, tomatoes, sandia, melon, cucumber and corn. When the vegetables were ready, the town residents would come and buy the fruits of their labor. La Union is famous for the beautiful farming land.

She enjoyed selling because that would give her a chance to talk and visit with local residents. Conversing with people was always satisfying to her. Mrs. Cabral and eight other students received free sewing, knitting, and embroidery classes from Inez Alvarez. She would attend for 3 hours, 5 days a week. Later she would make clothing for herself and her children. Mrs. Cabral is a great cook, a skill learned while working for various people.

One fascinating fact about Mrs. Cabral is she enjoyed driving. She would drive her friends to Village Inn or Denny’s for breakfast. Antonia was so daring she would even drive to Juarez, Cielo Vista, and Las Cruces! I forgot to mention that Mrs. Cabral is the young age of 91 and only stopped driving a year ago. Mrs. Cabral knows many residents in La Union and has lots of stories that not too many people could begin to imagine. Stop in and say hi to her when you get a chance. She is a lovely person and maintains a great outlook on life. It's inspiring to be surrounded by such a POSITIVE person.

Congratulations Mrs. Cabral, you are a treasure to La Union!

Dolores Montelongo was born in La Union, New Mexico on April 28, 1942 to Jose Cuellar and Nellie Gonzalez Cuellar. Her grandfather, who also lived in La Union was Manuel Gonzalez, better known as El Chino Presidente to many who knew him. Dolores first met the love of her life, Manuel Montelongo who was also born in La Union, when they were both very young children. Their mothers would travel to La Mesa to buy groceries and both Dolores and Manuel were placed in the back of the pick up where they would constantly bicker to and fro! Who would have known back then that many years later, they would get married in the old church in La Union on December 31, 1961. She loves to dance, and she definitely found an awesome dancer, Manuel. They were happily married for 56 wonderful years until God decided it was time for Manuel to join Him in his heavenly kingdom on May 20, 2018. They have four wonderful children who are all married and have given them ten grandchildren and who in turn have given them fifteen great-grandchildren. Dolores was a Eucharistic Minister at Our Lady of Refuge. She and Manuel also taught the marriage classes back when Sister Mary Ellen was at OLR. She helped out at our fiestas as well. When a couple was needed, they would volunteer. She has attended OLR for most of her life and chooses to attend Mass nowhere else. Dolores worked at the GED Anthony center helping others with ESL and getting their GED diplomas. She also did substitute teaching here in La Union Elementary which she loved! She loved being around those kids! You can find Dolores at her home, many times outdoors tending to her beautiful rose bushes and all the other types of flowers and trees she has. She loves gardening! She also loves to read newspapers, magazine's, and her “chismoso” (facebook).

Dolores is one who will pray for all those in need, for those whom are sick and/or in pain.

She is a friend to many and loved by many. She is one awesome beautiful person who is loved dearly.

Congratulations Dolores. We love you.