Senior of the Month 

When we can, let’s all lend a helping hand!

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”   Mark Twain 

Senior of the Month   

October 2023  ---  Ermelinda (Irma) Galindo and Jose Rodriguez

Congratulations  Seniors of the Month

Irma is one of the most valuable volunteers in La Union Helping Hands.  She is critical to the success of our mission/vision and La Union Helping Hands is very grateful to her.   

Irma, always cooking up something!!

Ermelinda Galindo (Irma)

Ermelinda Galindo (Irma) was born in La Union, New Mexico on June 14, 1947. Irma graduated from Gadsden High School. She worked at La Union Elementary and Gadsden High School as an office assistant where she supported many students, parents, and administrators. It was there that she met students who are now grown and have children and grandchildren of their own. Irma worked with the following administrators whom we all know:  Dora Ramos, Mr. Herbert Torres’ father (Herbert Torres, 6th grade teacher to many of us and principal of La Union Elementary), and Mr. Fernandez.

Irma demonstrated her talents while working at Farah Manufacturing Factory in El Paso as a Sewing Operator. It was there that her sewing and design skills soared. Irma is so good at clothing construction that she can sew clothes without patterns. Now that’s talent! She can glance at a piece of clothing and determine the size and if it fits you or not.

Irma, along with other employees, experienced “La Strike or La Huelga” as they called it while working at Farah. She experienced firsthand the unfair-labor-practices toward Hispanics and fought for the rights of workers. The majority of the strikers were women even though images of men were mainly portrayed. Irma was among those who stood up to have a “Voice” and show that women have rights. She fought and “Picketed” because of low wages, no benefits, safety hazards, job security, and unattainable quotas. Irma absolutely fought for what she believed in. I guess that makes her a Warrior. Many people just read about unfair labor practices but she lived through it and fought for justice.

Irma volunteered packing food for distribution at the Community Center with David and Vangie Martinez and others. When she no longer worked at Farah, Irma took care of our parents during the day while the rest of the family worked.

Irma loves cooking and trying out new recipes for her siblings. She helps with cooking warm meals for the residents during Thanksgiving and occupies a section in our Newsletter called “Irma’s Corner.” She is one of the most valuable volunteers in La Union Helping Hands because she performs many functions like packing, wrapping gifts, or boxing items. Irma is especially valued at La Union Helping Hands during the holiday seasons and other functions because she provides food for the volunteers! Irma is critical to the success of our mission/vision and La Union Helping Hands is very grateful to her. 

Jose Rodriguez

Jose Natividad Rodriguez was born on September 8, 1947.  He moved to La Union in 1980. Mr. Rodriguez has worked as a farmworker in La Union and its surroundings. He likes living in La Union because it is quiet and pacific. 

His hobbies are planting watermelons and cantaloupes. 

Congratulations Mr. Rodriguez for being Senior of the Month for October. We appreciate all farmers, and we appreciate you!!