La Union Helping Hands Projects

When we can, let’s all lend a helping hand!

Town Improvement ~ Aggies Without Limits (New Mexico State University) Renovate the Ballpark and Build a Fenced in Walking Trail in La Union (project to begin October 14, 2023!!)

Aggies Without Limits (student organization from NMSU) received funding from Senator William Soules to help renovate the La Union Ball Field into a Walking Trail.  With guidance from La Union Helping Hands, the students will remove the old fencing from the ball field, contract out the installation of new fencing, layout the walking path, contract out the placement of crusher fines for the walking path, provide landscaping and install 4 shade structures along the perimeter.

The length of the trail will be approximately 2000 feet and trees will be planted in addition to some desert landscaping to provide shading and beauty.  Distance markers will be placed so that we can know how much we have walked!  To finish, we will build a Sign for the Walking Trail and it will read La Union, New Mexico Community Park.  Construction will begin October 14 and be completed in Spring 2024. We are so excited and grateful to Aggies Without Limits and Senator William Soules for their time and effort in helping La Union.  If you see the Aggies coming into town, wave, say hello, or take them water, snacks, or food.  These students are very nice and personable. 

The residents of La Union can use the park for exercising to help improve their health and wellbeing.  

Resident George Galindo used to clean the La Union Park so that he and other residents could use it to exercise. His dream was to one day have a beautiful park for La Union residents.  Looks like Dreams DO come true!!!

Ball Park and Fencing before renovation 2023