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Letter to La Union Residents from La Union Helping Hands

2022 AARP Community Challenge Grant

In 2022 La Union Helping Hands applied for the competitive 2022 AARP Community Challenge Grant and was awarded funding. La Union Helping Hands collaborated with Doña Ana County to ensure that any building permits required by ordinance were included in the grant proposal. This indicates the hard work, research, and forethought behind the La Union Helping Hands’ submission. Doña Ana County also provided a letter of support for La Union Helping Hands’ grant submission.

Funding included costs for the Welcome to La Union Sign with a wall, a small gazebo with concrete, three benches, and a covered bus stop and sign for the benches. The gazebo will hold a metal plaque about Community Coming Together to Achieve Goals. Please look for it in 2023. Additional design elements will also be added such as trees, concrete benches, metal garden cacti, and lighting for gazebo and sign.

The following is an excerpt from the AARP Community Challenge Website:

AARP received more than 3,200 applications from nonprofits and government entities, resulting in a highly competitive selection process for the 2022 AARP Community Challenge. Around 257 applications were funded, which included the grant proposal submitted by La Union Helping Hands.

Some $3.4 million was distributed by AARP throughout the country and territories (ie Virgin Islands), to help urban, rural and suburban communities make immediate improvements and jumpstart long-term progress to support residents of all ages.

In addition, The La Union Townsite is assisting with the development of the project with their funding and labor to place crusher fine sand and landscaping rock in the area (ongoing)

Special thank you to local resident, Martin Villalobos who designed and executed the Welcome to La Union Sign and continues to offer his advice and labor on construction matters for the project. Thanks to donors who are helping with other donations to make this a successful Project.

Thank you Joe Soria, the staff of La Union Helping Hands and La Union Townsite for cleaning the area prior to the start of the project.

Finally, we hope the completion of this project is ONLY the beginning to improve La Union for its residents. We believe this project has the potential to continue to progress by volunteers and donors adding their talents, ideas, and funding to see a better community.