When we can, let’s all lend a helping hand!

Volunteer Team

Our team of dedicated volunteers encompasses a diverse community that are not only committed to serving but are willing to donate their time and talents! Many thanks to all of you.

Arnold and Diana Abalos, Arianna and Lola Abalos, Josiah and Anthony Prieto

Jesusita McDaniel, Maria Luisa Avila, Blasa and Martina Torres , Rudy Castro, Rudy and Mary Facio, Ermelinda Galindo, Pat Medulin

Maria Luisa Avila, always willing to lend a helping hand.

Ermelinda Galindo makes sure all volunteers are well fed while working.

Geronimo Galindo and Rudy Castro quickly get bags for the residents.

Arnold and Diana Abalos, very important volunteers. They care much about the residents.

Joey, our youngest volunteer. Scared me to see him working so hard!

Lola and Arianna Abalos have volunteered since they were 3 years old. They are now 15 and 10.

Martina Torres, always so happy to help out during the holidays.

MaryAnn Galindo, La Union Helping Hands President

Yolanda Galindo and Blasa Torres assemble bags during the holiday distributions.

Santa, Mary Facio and Irma. Santa makes everyone happy. Thanks Santa.

Ermelinda and Tony Galindo unloading food from truck for holiday distribution.

La Union Helping Hands volunteers: Rudy and Mary Facio, Maria Luisa Avila, Irma, Yolanda, and MaryAnn Galindo, and Facundo Ruiz